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One of a Kind

Bringing together extraordinary materials in unexpected combinations our designs offer a study in juxtaposition. Feminine yet unconventional. Contemporary yet timeless. Each piece an invitation to layer and style together, or simply to be worn as it is.

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  1. Carnelian Earrings | SMITH Jewellery
  2. Pearl Chain Drops | SMITH Jewellery
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  • "I've received my order and am so over the moon - your work is so delicate and beautiful - I couldn’t have hoped for better, really happy. Thank you."


  • "I am so in love and like the previous rings you made for us, I can’t imagine my life without them."


  • "I am so pleased with the ring! What you see is what you get(no nasty surprises). Thank you so much. You will definitely see me again. "


  • "I am really happy with the ring and its design, looks lovely and fits lovely! Thank you so much for the excellent service, I am definitely coming back to make more unique pieces"